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Here’s How Chris Pratt Made His Glorious Instagram Comeback

OK, so we get that Chris Pratt has had a lot on his mind. His split from Anna Faris was probably a really difficult and devastating time, and the fact that he stayed off social media while that hit the headlines and died down is probably smart and definitely respectable. That said, we love Pratt on Instagram, and we needed him back.

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Apparently, he heard our pleas, because for the first time since last July, Pratt posted a photo to Instagram over the weekend. And because we basically live for Pratt’s Instagrams with his perfect, precious son, Jack, and the man knows what we want and need, guess who was in the photo with him?

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That’s right! Pratt and Jack flexed their muscles as they posed for the camera outside a screening of Thor: Ragnarok.

“HOLY CRAP!! THOR RAGNAROK IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!” Pratt wrote alongside the sweet snap. “We just laughed our asses off!!! So proud to be part of the Marvel universe.”

Sources who spotted Pratt and Jack at the theater reported to Us Weekly that they shared a giant tub of popcorn while they watched the movie. Can they be any more perfectly adorable? I think not.

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Pratt and Faris are reportedly sharing equal custody of 5-year-old Jack since their split. Before Pratt let his Instagram go inactive, he posted photos with the kid all the time, and we kind of fell in love with them both. Here’s hoping this new photo is just the beginning of a new trend.

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