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Michelle Obama Shaded President Trump Without Even Saying His Name

Bless Michelle Obama. She’s an outspoken feminist, an incredible role model, and she’s handled this hostile political environment of ours with so much dignity. But that doesn’t mean she can’t tell it like it is — she just tends to do so with a whole lot more grace than certain Republicans.

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At the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Wednesday, Obama spoke about the power we all have to share our voices in the social media age, and in doing so, she threw some real subtle shade at Donald Trump.

“When you have a voice, you just can’t use it any kind of way,” she said in a panel chat with poet Elizabeth Alexander. “You don’t just say what’s on your mind. You don’t tweet every thought.”

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At that, the audience burst into laughter, because, hello, that was clearly a jab at a certain someone who lives in a certain White House and has a certain tendency to tweet every thought that crosses his mind.

“I’m not talking about anybody in particular,” Obama quickly added, even though we obviously don’t believe her. “I’m talking about us all.”

Just a minute later, though, she got one more good burn in. “You need to think and spell it right and have good grammar, too,” she said, laughing. Yeah, OK, that’s definitely not directed at anyone in particular.

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The former first lady’s grace and humor just remind us of what we’re missing now that she’s out of the White House. What we wouldn’t give to have those days back.

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