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Another Famous Child Star Has Corey Feldman’s Back

Updated Nov. 10, 2017, 12:30 p.m. PT: Another famous child star who acted alongside Corey Feldman as a teen has come out in support of the actor’s quest for justice.

Sean Astin, who costarred in The Goonies with Feldman, told reporters at TBS’s Search Party premiere that although some — including Corey Haim’s mom — have said they don’t think Feldman is telling the truth, he will always support his old friend.

“Hopefully, this doesn’t play out as a personal tabloid story,” Astin said. “The fact is, real people all over the country are starting to have a conversation, and it can be very distracting if it distills down into some kind of typical [story]. My only concern is [it] won’t actually develop into the complex conversation that needs to happen. And if it doesn’t, and it becomes about quickly pointing fingers and making accusations and the obvious stuff, I think it will be a missed opportunity.”

Astin also released a statement on Monday, saying, “Corey Feldman communicated to me at some point, what some of his experiences were. I remember aching for him .?.?. Victims of sexual assault are speaking. Their bravery and willingness to subject their lives to scrutiny, of the most painful kind, should be supported .?.?. It is time for abusers to be stopped.”

Original story:

The truth is finally out, and now we’ll have to wait for justice to run its course.

In an unsettling but brave interview, Corey Feldman named his abuser on daytime television. After many years and various speeches made to the public about his belief that there is an insidious group of men targeting minors in Hollywood, Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz and named one of the men who he claims sexually abused him when he was a child actor in Hollywood, fellow actor John Grissom.

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Feldman claims he was assaulted by Grissom when he was around 13 or 14 years old according to USA Today‘s report, but that there were “multiple people” who abused Feldman early in his life. He did not appear willing or able to name the others publicly. The actor also claims he contacted the Santa Barbara police in the early ’90s about the abuse, but that the police department was allegedly unwilling at that time to cooperate.

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In one of the few clips that remain up and available to watch, Dr. Oz sits in a room to discuss who Grissom is and his exact whereabouts these days. While the setup of the video looks a bit sketchy, and it’s hard to verify just how true or factual the information about Grissom is, as derived by Dr. Oz’s team, there were some shocking things revealed about the actor, who appeared in License to Drive alongside Feldman, including the fact that he has a long arrest record and the fact that his two acting credits (the other being Dream a Little Dream) star Feldman.

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While it appears Grissom may have a long-running interest in Feldman and may have a pattern of abusing children (see Perez Hilton’s further reporting here), Grissom has not issued a statement at this time. Feldman is currently raising funds to create an exposé-style documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood.

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