Alyssa Milano Reveals the Status of a Charmed Reboot

It’s time to gather ’round, Charmed fans. If you’ve been champing at the bit wondering whether or not your favorite show about three sisters who also happen to be witches would get the reboot treatment, we have some news for you. And while we’ve been following this news for some time and it seemed like this reboot would actually happen, we have a clearer picture of whether or not it’s still happening and what to expect.

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Enter: Alyssa Milano, star of Charmed and all-around amazing human being. Milano recently spoke with In Touch Weekly about a variety of things, but of course, the hottest topic was the oft-spoken-about Charmed reboot. So, is it still happening? From the picture Milano paints, it sounds like this project has already undergone some major changes in regards to what shape it would take — a sign that things are not looking so good.

“They were going to reboot it as a prequel. The script came in last year and they didn’t feel it was strong enough or held up to the integrity of the original, so they decided not to move ahead with it,” she told the magazine.

Equally telling about the quality of the proposed reboot was Milano’s simple personal verdict on the Charmed reboot falling flat in the preproduction phase: “They did the right thing.” Damn.

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Milano’s additional comments indicate that along with the quality of the proposed reboot idea seemingly lacking, the show’s other stars are just moving in different directions in regard to their careers right now. “We all said that we would do it, but nobody’s actually put that in motion,” she explained. “I’m working with CBS Studios on my new Netflix show Insatiable, and that’s the studio that was trying to reboot Charmed.

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While it’s exciting that Milano has a new project we can check out soon on Netflix, it’s a little disappointing to know we won’t be reunited with our Charmed faves. Then again, never say never, right?


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