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The Sabrina the Teenage Witch Cast Reunited, & They Look So Different

Millennials, are you ready to feel so old? The cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a little reunion, and Melissa Joan Hart was kind enough to post several photos to Instagram. A fair warning, though: The images you are about to see are going to make you feel things.

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Hart posted a photo of the cast on stage together during a Los Angeles Comic Con reunion to promote the CW’s sort-of revival, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The new show is meant to be a companion to Riverdale, and while it will take place in the Sabrina universe, it will be a much darker spin on the ’90s comedy.

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Hart was joined onstage by Nate Richert, Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick, Soleil Moon Frye, David Lascher, Elisa Donovan and Nick Bakay, who played Harvey, Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, Roxie, Josh, Morgan and the voice of Salem the cat, respectively. While some of them look like they haven’t aged a day (lookin’ at you, Aunt Hilda!), others are basically unrecognizable (like Harvey, OMG).

During the appearance, Hart talked a little bit about what viewers can expect from the new version of Sabrina, and, spoiler alert, it’s nothing like the show we grew up watching.

“They’re doing Sabrina without us,” she said. “They’re doing, like, a teen soapy version, like a drama version. Ours was obviously a comedy. It was like a light comedy about magic. There is going to be more witchcraft [in the new one] … [More like] Charmed or Buffy, maybe.”

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A Sabrina without Hart doesn’t sound like a Sabrina we’ll be watching, but it’s too soon to write it off just yet. Our throwback-loving hearts just wish she were involved.

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