Prince Charles Gives Sweetheart Camilla Parker-Bowles Some PDA

Seeing Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, might raise some questions about their relationship. In public, they have been famously stoic for as long as anyone can remember, rarely showing each other any affection. It’s definitely been the cause of rumors about the couple, who have been married since 2005.

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But they broke their rule Monday, engaging in a rare show of public affection when they shared a kiss in Singapore. Charles and Camilla are in the country for their annual Autumn Tour of India and Southeast Asia, and they traveled separately to Singapore, as Camilla was going straight there from a holiday she took without Charles. When they were reunited, they were photographed kissing for only the second time in their entire 11-year marriage.
Seriously, though, how sweet is this?

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The first time happened at a polo match in 2005 just a few months after they tied the knot. So, yeah, when we said this is rare for them, we really meant it.

But these two have been raising questions with their long, off-and-on relationship for year. They first dated right after they met in 1971, breaking up after two years. However, they were on-again, off-again for literal decades despite the fact that they both married other people. They both got divorced in 1996, and it wasn’t long before they were dating again. Just, you know, without any PDA. They finally got married in 2005.

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Now that they’re reunited for their 11-day Autumn Tour, they’ll be visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the Indian capitol of New Delhi together.


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