Lindsey Stirling’s Rib Injury Could Force Her to Quit DWTS

You can’t win ’em all, and unfortunately for Lindsey Stirling, that old adage may turn out to be true much sooner than she’d hoped during her stint on Dancing with the Stars. As has been the curse of many past contestants, Stirling is in danger of being sidelined due to an injury.

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A violin-playing viral YouTube sensation, Stirling was an early frontrunner on Season 25. The fact that she was paired with fan favorite pro dancer Mark Ballas also bode well for the violin virtuoso.

However, according to People, Stirling may never see her dreams of a Mirrorball trophy realized.

“She suffered a rib injury Sunday and was unable to rehearse,” a source told the outlet. “She went to the hospital and they don’t know if she’ll be able to continue the competition.”

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Stirling managed to make it through Monday night’s competition, but the injury did not go unnoticed by the judges, who pointed out that pain was written all over Stirling’s face. Still, it was undeniably impressive that she managed to pull off a paso doble with a displaced rib — and receive a stellar score for it too.

Stirling could hardly stand by the end of the routine, though. She persevered through the team dance performance later in the evening, but it was clear Stirling was struggling physically due to the injury.

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According to the rules of competition, Stirling would be forced to leave the show if the injury prevented her from participating in a performance. And for the driven star, that would be devastating.

“I’m going to be so mad if, like, I’ve blown it… we’ve worked so hard,” she said in a video released by TMZ. “I push, push, push, all the time, that’s how I’ve gotten where I’m at, but I’m just so afraid that I might have pushed too far.”


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