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Kim Kardashian West Offended Fans With Her Aaliyah Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian West is an icon in her own right, but when it comes to Halloween, she typically steps into the shoes of legends bigger than her. For this holiday, the she channeled three music legends: Cher, Madonna and Aaliyah. And though Kardashian West saw tons of positive feedback for her arguably uncanny costumes, she was also heavily criticized for dressing up like a black woman.

On Saturday, Kardashian West tweeted a video of her Aaliyah costume. The ensemble consisted of sleek, pin-straight hair, smoky-blue eye shadow, leather pants and a diamond-encrusted choker, bra and belt. “Baby Girl Aaliyah,” she captioned the video, referring to the late R&B singer’s nickname.

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Though some followers praised Kardashian West for her Aaliyah-inspired outfit, others considered the look disrespectful considering the reality star isn’t the same race as Aaliyah. (Kardashian West is of Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish and Armenian descent, while Aaliyah is black with Native American heritage.)

On the flip side, some on the internet defended Kardashian West’s look. Her supporters argued that since she didn’t wear blackface, the costume was a simple homage and not racially insensitive. However, others contended that Kardashian West’s darker-than-usual tan was an attempt to emulate Aaliyah’s skin tone.

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This isn’t the first time Kardashian West has been accused of cultural insensitivity. In May, the middle Kardashian sister came under fire for a KKW Beauty photo shoot, in which some claim she wore blackface. Kardashian West was accused of blackface again in August, when her skin appeared darker than usual in a W magazine photo shoot with North West.

Kardashian West has yet to respond to the Aaliyah backlash, so we guess we’ll just have to wait for Halloween on Tuesday to see if she’s going to stir up controversy again or play it safe with her costume.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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