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The Roseanne Cast May Have Gotten Older, but They Look Exactly the Same

It’s been 20 years since Roseanne ended, and with the surge in popularity of nostalgic shows like it, it’s obviously time for a reboot. As Roseanne gears up for its big return, though, we’re noticing something a little odd from the behind-the-scenes pics that have been posted so far: It’s been 20 years, but everyone looks exactly the same.

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Seriously, it’s a little eerie. See for yourself.

Executive producer Whitney Cummings posted this shot of Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Becky (Lecy Goranson) looking honestly identical to their two-decades-ago selves, writing, “Behind the scenes at #Roseanne. Are you a Darlene or a Becky? I’d say I’m part Darlene, part Becky, part Fran Drescher.”

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Then there’s Emma Kenney, who’s been cast to play Darlene’s daughter and is an absolute dead ringer for her TV mom. Like, whoa:

Sarah Chalke isn’t playing Becky anymore, but will be on the show as some mysterious new character. Regardless, she somehow hasn’t changed at all:

And whoa, this is a familiar scene shared on Cummings’ Instagram story.

Roseanna Barr and John Goodman on the Roseann couch
Image: Whitney Cummings/Instagram

Barr, who posed behind the scenes at her personal “beauty parlor,” looks exactly the same as she did when she signed off 20 years ago. This is truly blowing our minds.

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The cast just had its first table read last week (hence all the behind-the-scenes photos) and doesn’t have an official premiere date yet. But look for Roseanne to hit the small screen sometime in early 2018, and until then, hopefully the nostalgia-inducing pics keep coming!

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