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Fergie Gave the Saddest Relationship Update About Josh Duhamel

No good thing lasts forever, as Fergie and Josh Duhamel proved when they announced the end of their marriage in September. But if you thought you were already heartbroken over this, wait until you hear what Fergie said about the split during her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show this week.

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“It wasn’t my plan. I wanted to stay married forever,” Fergie told Williams. “I love Josh. He’s the father of my child.”

Fergie and Duhamel didn’t announce their divorce until September, but they actually separated all the way back in February. They kept the split under wraps basically until it was time for Fergie to start promoting her new album, which features a lot of songs inspired by her relationship with Duhamel.

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“The most vulnerable songs are actually Josh’s favorite songs on the album,” she told Marie Claire back in September. “He’s heard them for years. He’s been with me through the whole creation of this album and he’s very much a part of it. And a lot of these songs are about many relationships. I’ve experienced different types of relationships in my life and they’re not always romantic — though it’s maybe the same feeling.”

Despite her heartbreaking revelation on Williams’ show, Fergie says she and Duhamel will always be connected in at least one way: their son, Axl.

“We forever have that project together, and we’re doing the best we can,” she said. “You’re making me cry.”

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Ugh, Fergie, you’re making us cry too. That breakup is still clearly raw for everyone involved. We just hope it gets easier as time goes by.

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