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Jenna Dewan Tatum Gets Honest About Sex With Channing & Speaking Her Mind

When you’re chatting with the wife of Channing Tatum, it seems like sacrilege to suggest that perhaps life sometimes hinders your libido. Hell, it would seem equally illogical to suggest the same to Jenna Dewan Tatum’s husband. And yet, here we are, asking Dewan Tatum if there are times when she’s simply not in the mood for romance. Her response? “Um, yes!”

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Here’s the thing we quickly learned about Dewan Tatum: She’s refreshingly honest. Even when it’s tricky or messy or doesn’t fit into a neat little box, she keeps it real.

“I mean, we’re all human beings with busy lives and emotions, and to say that we’re these robots that are always in the mood at all times is ridiculous,” she told us. “So of course there’s times when you’re just not — for whatever reason: life, business, kids or you’re just having one of those days. Absolutely.”

It’s a truth Dewan Tatum embraces and wishes more women felt secure enough in themselves to embrace as well.

“I think it’s really something for women to honor that and express that. I think a lot of women go with the flow or pretend that they’re not feeling something that they are, and I think it’s beneficial to everybody in the end if you’re just really honest and just express yourself,” she said.

But just as we all have days when we’re not in the mood, we have other days when we are. And on those days, we want to feel sensual. When those moments strike, Dewan Tatum has a secret weapon she swears by: essential oils.

Having discovered essential oils through a friend nearly 15 years ago, Dewan Tatum often turns to them to boost her moods. She’s such a believer, in fact, that she recently partnered with Young Living to create their Scents of Self collection.

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When asked about her go-to oils when she wants to lean into her sensuality, Dewan Tatum shared, “Oh yeah! There are a couple. There’s one called Lady Sclareol — it’s supposed to be this divine, feminine energy, and it’s supposed to make you feel a bit more sensual — along with ylang-ylang. And sometimes frankincense. I kind of mix them. And White Angelica because it smells so good it sort of is alluring and an aphrodisiac in its own way.”

So if you’ve ever wondered what scent Dewan Tatum uses to drive Channing Tatum wild, well, now you know three.

In all seriousness, though, Dewan Tatum feels strongly that scent plays a major part in the way the body processes its surroundings. “I believe that because I know for me, scent is so powerful. I have certain smells I associate with certain experiences, and if I get one second of that smell, I’m right back in that period,” she explained. “So I know that scent and the brain and your body is really powerful.”

In the span of five minutes, Dewan Tatum had already given us a list of essential oils we have to try and opened up about parenthood sapping your sex drive. This is a woman who is unapologetic in her candor. In addition to being a straight shooter naturally (“I’m a Sagittarius,” she said, laughing), Dewan Tatum strives to be a woman who isn’t afraid to be an open book.

“I really value when I meet women in life and when I read them in interviews — all of it, any of that — when they speak with their feeling and speak it honestly, because that frees me to feel and think more honestly. I appreciate those moments, so whenever I’m given the chance, I like to do that for women,” she said.

It all comes back around to women feeling the need to create an illusion of perfection, says Dewan Tatum.

“I think there’s something we do as women where we try to put on a show that might not be real, and I really, really don’t like that. I don’t entertain that in my life. I like to show what’s really happening,” she confessed with a laugh. “Or I at least like to talk about it. So I appreciate when women do that, and I try to be a part of that conversation more.”

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That’s essentially (no pun intended) how Dewan Tatum lives her life: as authentically as possible, which she believes starts with self-care.

“So for me, it’s taking the time to carve five minutes out of my day to use the oils, to breathe, to sit for a minute, to meditate or set intentions,” she said. “That greatly impacts the rest of my life, including how I feel, how sensual I feel, my passions — all of that is really affected positively when I give to myself, and I really think that begins from the inside out.”

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