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Corey Feldman Claims His Arrest Was Connected to Sexual Abuse Allegations

After bravely coming forward recently to once again reiterate his claims of his sexual abuse while he was minor, actor and singer Corey Feldman was arrested over the weekend in what he believes was an arrest related to his restatement of his abuse claims. The actor is currently on tour with his band and, according to U.K. newspaper The Independent, Feldman’s bus was stopped by the cops. The bus was reportedly stopped because it was speeding, which led to multiple arrests and charges made against Feldman, who was driving on a suspended license, as well as the rest of the band.

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According to the police statement released through KNOE 8 News, the local news station in the city where Feldman was arrested, he “was charged with speeding, driving under suspension and possession of Marijuana. Feldman paid his fine and was released.” The police statement indicates that the entire group posted bail and was released shortly after the incident.

This was not the end of the story, however. The event appears to have set Feldman off, and he took to Twitter shortly after his arrest to vent his frustrations about being arrested while making claims about the allegedly coincidental nature of his arrest. In Feldman’s opinion, he was arrested in connection with having once again reiterated publicly his claims that he was sexually abused as a child actor by an unknown person in Hollywood.

Feldman went on to call the entire incident a “shakedown” and say it was an annoying run-in, if anything, because apparently once he and his band were released, they posed for pictures and signed autographs with the officers at the station. Oddly, Feldman continued his rant by diverting full force into the reasons he will not continue talking about his abuse or abuser, stating “For the record: I will not be going on a talk show to disclose names of my abuser or anyone else’s abusers. So please stop asking me to do so.”

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At this time, there is no substantive evidence that anything related to Feldman’s claims of sexual abuse as a minor served as the reason he and his band were pulled over in Louisiana. It seems that for the time being, this event is in the past, and Feldman has said all he needs to say on these topics.

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