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Shailene Woodley’s Secret Boyfriend Isn’t So Secret Anymore

Cute new couple alert! After being spotted on Saturday snuggling up to rugby player Ben Volavola, Shailene Woodley can’t keep the romance under wraps any longer — the Big Little Liars star officially has a new beau.

According to E! News, 25-year-old Woodley met her 26-year-old rugby stud in Fiji, where she is currently filming the movie Adrift. As for Australian-born Volavola, the athlete is said to have relocated to Fiji as a child before moving back to Australia. Now, it would seem, he has settled back on the island.

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Although Woodley herself has yet to confirm any dating rumors, she isn’t exactly hiding from the paparazzi, either. In addition to cheering on her dude during games, Woodley has reportedly been seen kissing Volavola on the sidelines in downtime.

A source recently told Woman’s Day that Woodley is, in fact, her new boyfriend’s biggest fan.

“Shailene was sitting in the stands with two girlfriends while Ben played and went wild when they won,” the source revealed. “She was obviously really proud of him. Apparently she’s been to lots of games this season.”

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And despite having yet to reveal Volavola’s identity, Woodley has been playing up the pair’s love via her Instagram feed — frequently featuring her beau without showing his face.
It isn’t out of character for Woodley to conceal her boyfriend’s identity, given that she isn’t prone to speaking about her personal life in general. She did, however, once reveal to Elle what her idea of love is.

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“When you’re truly in love, for me, it’s… you’re my lighthouse! You’re somebody who holds me high, keeps me safe, you’ve got my f***in’ back,” she told the outlet. “You also love me whole, wild, and free. You let me do me, and I’m going to let you do you! And I’ll be the home that you return to.”

From the looks of it, Woodley and Volavola are off to a pretty good start, wouldn’t you say?

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