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Big Little Lies Almost Didn’t Get Made, Because Sexism

HBO’s Big Little Lies was a little bit of a phenomenon. It was the must-watch show that everyone was talking about when it debuted, and it went on to net eight awards for HBO at this year’s Emmys.

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Obviously, Big Little Lies was a big deal. That sucks for Amazon, because it missed out on the chance to have the series because of its sexist executive Roy Price, who (shocker) was suspended last week following allegations of sexual harassment.

According to a Hollywood Reporter article, Price was offered the show, but passed on it because he didn’t think it would have enough female nudity. Seriously. That’s why he said no to a show produced by freaking Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. That is his reasoning.

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“Company insiders say at a staff holiday party at the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood, Price asked a group of staffers if the two stars would ‘show their tits’ and mused aloud why he would[n’t] greenlight the show if they didn’t. (In fact, Kidman did multiple nude scenes.)” the article reads.

This isn’t the only way Price’s skeezy policies have impacted programming at Amazon. He was reportedly the one who made the final decision to cancel Good Girls Revolt, a truly fantastic feminist series that only lasted one season. He also passed on The Handmaid’s Tale, another female-centric show that was massively successful at this year’s Emmys.

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You’d think that maybe missing out on all those Emmys would teach this dude a lesson, but hopefully it won’t even matter. He’s been accused of propositioning and harassing female employees, and thanks to Harvey Weinstein, that’s something powerful men occasionally get punished for now, so he’s out of his job at Amazon. If other studios and streaming services enjoy winning awards for shows featuring badass women, they won’t pick him up.

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