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Taylor Swift Dropped a New Album Promo, & We’re Beyond Confused

Updated Nov. 10, 2017, 9:30 a.m. PT: Well, it’s not North West.

Taylor Swift just dropped her full Reputation album, and with it, she solved one of the greatest mysteries of 2017: Who was the toddler who voiced the intro to her track, “Gorgeous”?

We’ve been speculating ever since “Gorgeous” was released as a single last month, and while, for shade reasons, we really wanted the tot to be North West, Swift has revealed it is actually the eldest daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

In the album booklet for Reputation, Swift wrote, “Baby intro voice by James Reynolds,” giving us the answer to a monthlong mystery. We knew it had to be a famous baby. We were just a little off on which famous baby it was.

Original story:

Dropping surprise tracks is kind of thing the new version of Taylor Swift would do — and she just did it again. In a very weird, very cryptic (as per usual with all Reputation-related material) post to her Instagram, she teased her new single, “Gorgeous,” which is apparently dropping on Oct. 19 at midnight.

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The video does not reveal much. It’s really just a magenta ombré background with the word “Gorgeous” written all over it, and when you hit play, you hear a toddler girl’s voice say, “Gorgeous,” and a beat… and that’s it. Come on, T-Swift, we need more to go on than this.

What this lack of information does, however, is let our imaginations run absolutely rampant with theories about the new single. First and foremost, we have one huge question: Who is the toddler whose voice is sampled in the teaser?

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We have a theory, and it would be one really giant plot twist, fam. What if — wait for it — the toddler is —keep waiting — North West, the firstborn child of Swift’s publicly sworn nemeses, power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? We know. It’s a stretch. But think of the publicity! Think of the potential shadiness. Think of how much this would stir the drama pot. You have to admit, Kimye and Swift are some very publicity-centered celebrities, so this kind of behavior is not entirely outside the realm of possibility for either side, even if we are mostly speculating here and have no real way to confirm our theory.

That said, in the interest of investigative journalism, we have found a video of North’s voice and tried to compare it for ourselves to the very tiny voice on “Gorgeous.”

The verdict? We can’t say for sure it is North on the track, but we also can’t say it’s not. And in case it helps sway opinions one way or another, West has a track that is also called “Gorgeous.” So this is either Swift still being shady as hell (WE GET IT; YOU’RE MAD AT KANYE), or it’s a clue. And we all know how much Swift loves clues.

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If you need us, we’ll be over here trying not to die of anticipation for the 11 more hours until this track drops.

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