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How Kelly Ripa’s Husband Mark Consuelos Really Feels About Ryan Seacrest

Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan are two of Kelly Ripa’s former co-hosts, and they are nothing but a distant memory now that she’s formed a bond with her current Live co-host, Ryan Seacrest. Ripa isn’t the only one who loves Seacrest, though. Her husband, Mark Consuelos, is also having a full-on bromance with his wife’s co-worker.

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The trio, along with Seacrest’s girlfriend Shayna Taylor, had an epic outing on Saturday night that involved wine, burgers and some serious bro time. On Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the TV hosts recalled their night out, with Ripa teasing Seacrest about how he ordered wine because he requested something, “young, white, French and dry.”

“Mark turns to me and says, ‘I think Ryan just ordered wine — I think,’” she laughed. “The wine was so nice… I just learned that I like dry, young, white and French wine.”

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The double date even turned more indulgent when the foursome ordered entrées and an additional burger and fries for the table to share.

Seacrest admitted was a little jealous of Ripa’s husband for his appetite and his fit physique. “Mark had two of the quarters [of the burger] and still has 0 percent body fat,” said Seacrest.

Surprisingly, the famous couples did not create that much of a buzz in the restaurant they were hanging out it, although one woman did recognize Ripa. Seacrest recalled the amusing moment. “You got recognized and the best part is that you were walking in front of me. I could hear the people talking in your wake,” he explained. “And what I heard from one woman was, ‘They’re much bigger on TV.’“

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Oh, and if you think a double date between the Live duo and their better halves is a one-time thing, guess again — New York City fans can expect more outings with Seacrest and Ripa. They gushed about their great night out. “As I said to you the next day, thank you and we should definitely do that again,” said Seacrest.

Ripa agreed and confessed how much her husband loves Seacrest and the bromance that is brewing. “He loves you too, so much. It gives him such a sense of satisfaction to just chill with another dude,” summed up Ripa.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a bromance made in heaven.

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