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9 Celebrity Couples Who’ve Renewed Their Wedding Vows

Celebrities often have large, fancy weddings with opulent photos splashed across the pages of entertainment magazines, but it’s really the vows taken on their big day that matter the most. When Seal and Heidi Klum were married, fans came to expect a vow renewal each year on their anniversary.

“It’s our time — a lovely family time,” Klum told Redbook in 2010. “It’s about remembering this moment of love we gave to each other and reinforcing it.”

While that union didn’t last and Seal later admitted it wasn’t his favorite part of their marriage, many other couples took a page from their playbook and got married all over again — just not as many times as the now-divorced duo. From small affairs to large events, here are some of our favorite celebs who reminded each other how important those words are in a marriage and are making their unions last.

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Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Jay Z Beyonce vow renewal
Image: WENN

The couple married in 2008, and it took six years to see their official wedding photos. When it comes to that second ceremony, we have only heard reports that the couple renewed their vows during a vacation in Corsica in 2014. The ceremony occurred on Bey’s 33rd birthday, and the duo reportedly consider this their new wedding date after marital strife, which was confirmed through their albums Lemonade and 4:44.

Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon vow renweal
Image: FayesVision/WENN

When you do a small courthouse wedding the first time around, sometimes you want to do the splashy wedding for the vow renewal. That’s exactly what Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, did in 2013.

The couple had 50 family members and friends join them in St. Lucia for the event.

“It’s nice to say your vows in front of family. That’s the point of taking the vows,” said Damon at a Harvard University event in 2013. “These are people who will hold you to them. One of my vows was I gave her the side of the bed closer to the bathroom. And if I don’t stick to that, I’m gonna hear about that from my mom, brother and father.”

Viola Davis & Julius Tennon

Viola Davis vow renewal
Image: Apega/WENN

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon went the romantic route to renew their vows in 2016. The couple did it the day before Valentine’s Day, Feb. 13. Davis chose a stunning gown from Carmen Marc Valvo and even had her daughter in a custom gown from the designer.

When it came to the guest list, she also went big by inviting her pal Oprah Winfrey.

“I wanted an experience of feeling alive,” Davis told InStyle. “There’s no better way to feel what life is truly about than the birth of a child and getting married to someone you love — really love. It’s a reminder. A wake-up. My career is about success, but my marriage and my life is about significance.”

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Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady

Gisele Bundchen vow renewal
Image: WENN

The couple have had a united front since the beginning of their courtship, but that didn’t stop Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen from renewing their vows in Costa Rica about six weeks after they tied the knot in Santa Monica, California, in 2009. Both ceremonies were intimate, but Costa Rica holds a special place in their heart as their favorite getaway location.

David & Victoria Beckham

David Beckham vow renewal
Image: WENN

David and Victoria Beckham married in a lavish ceremony in 1999 that was fit for royalty — they even had his-and-hers thrones to sit on. When they renewed their vows in 2006 at their home, it was a simpler affair.

It was so simple that David kept it a surprise from Victoria, and afterward, the couple also kept it a secret from the press for almost two years. With Brooklyn and Romeo as page boys, the couple renewed their vows in front of a handful of friends and family.

“It was simple, beautiful and very non-showbiz. It was about them as a couple and a family unit — not glitz and glamour,” a source told the Daily Mail in 2008.

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin vow renewal
Image: Rob Rich/WENN

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at a winery in Long Island, New York, in late June. The couple spoke to the Associated Press about why the ceremony was so important to them.

“You think, like, once you get married, everything’s like, you’re done. But it’s really good to say, ‘Hey, I’m still in this.’”

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Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Vow Renewal
Image: Charlie Steffens/WENN

It’s been a rocky road for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne over the last 35 years of marriage, but the couple are sticking with each other through thick and thin. After Ozzy had an affair with his hairstylist, it seemed like the indiscretion would split the two apart.

But after weathering the difficult time, the duo decided to work through their issues and renew their vows on Mother’s Day in Las Vegas.

“For me, this was actually our real wedding day,” Ozzy told HELLO! Magazine. “This is the one that I will remember. Sharon and I have been through so much, and this honestly feels like a new beginning.”

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott Vow Renewal
Image: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott didn’t necessarily get their relationship off on the right foot when they fell in love because they were both married to other people. They wound up getting married in 2006 in Fiji after divorcing their first spouses, and they renewed their vows in 2010. The second time around, their two oldest kids, Liam and Stella, were in attendance.

However, there’s no word on a second renewal, even though Dean was involved in a cheating scandal in 2013.

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes Eddie Cibrian Vow Renewal
Image: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian kicked off their relationship the same way Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott did — with an affair. It was a relationship that many outsiders did not think would last since there was so much fighting between LeAnn and Brandi Glanville, Eddie’s first wife.

The couple renewed their vows on their one-year anniversary, and they have happily been married for the last six years.

These couples have made their marriages last with a little vow-renewal boost along the way. Which couple is your favorite?

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