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Zac Efron Had a Run-In With a Grizzly Bear & Lived to Tell the Tale

Judging by his latest interview with People, Zac Efron just narrowly avoided being featured on an upcoming installment of When Animals Attack!

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The wild story all started when Efron road-tripped to Montana with his younger brother Dylan. Although the siblings are admittedly outdoorsy, they weren’t there just for the scenery — rather, the epic adventure was part of a partnership with Columbia Sportswear to test the popular outdoor brand’s products.

The Efron brothers’ challenge was twofold: to document the ruggedness and durability of their Columbia gear while working their way up to the top of the Continental Divide.

“Literally, we climbed up the mountain. We were the last ones out there,” Zac Efron says in the resulting video testimonial. “That’s the cool thing about traveling. Every journey… you might find something incredibly special out there.”

And for the Efron brothers, you can apparently file “cantankerous grizzly bear” under “something special.”

“Out of nowhere, [we were like] ‘OK, that’s a bear. Everybody stop. And we all stood still,” Efron told People in a revealing new interview, adding that when the bear didn’t leave, “somebody silently whispered, ‘But it’s charging at us.'”

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Yikes! Running away from a grizzly bear doesn’t sound like a breed of cardio we want to try anytime soon. Happily, Zac and Dylan didn’t have to flee.

“It took like two big canters at us,” Zac Efron explained, before it “disappeared behind some trees. It was the scariest part of the trip! But it was so cool to see a bear that close. It was maybe 15 or 20 feet away. It was charging at us!”

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Cool isn’t exactly the word we’d use to describe a close encounter of the grizzly kind, but kudos to Efron for seeing the silver lining in the terrifying scenario.

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