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Has 13 Years of Working Together Strained Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles’ Friendship?

Jared Padalecki appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and touched on his friendship with his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles. But don’t worry — the two actors are as close as ever.

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“We do get along, we get along really well,” Padalecki said. “Jensen Ackles and I are the two brothers in the show and we’re both Texas boys. He was born and raised in Texas, Dallas, and I was born and raised in San Antonio. We both actually live in Austin and we’re both married to actresses.”

Aside from being good friends outside of the show, the two also goof around on set together. In fact, it turns out they’re quite the pranksters.

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They recently told TV Guide about pranking show newbie Alexander Calvert, who plays nephilim Jack.

“Alexander has really been a specific, special joy of ours,” Padalecki joked. “I think we have like 10 minutes of footage of Ackles and I just messing with him.”

He added, “It’s like masterful torture these days. And poor Alex, now, is getting a lot of it. We had a scene — Misha [Collins] was on set and Alex was on set — and Misha was so thrilled to not be the whipping boy. He’s kind of just like sitting there smiling [and clapping]. He’ll miss it soon. [It’s like] Stockholm Syndrome.”

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In other words, the blooper reel for Season 13 is going to be hilarious.

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