7 Ways Miley Cyrus Has Made Us So Proud in 2017

Miley Cyrus was a different person in 2013. She was a young woman trying to find her place in the world after years of being a part of the Disney machine. She was acting out onstage, in her social media posts and through her music.

But we’re so proud of Cyrus — she’s reinvented herself in the best way possible, and 2017 has been a banner year for this star. Here are some of the ways she’s impressed us with her newfound maturity and grace.

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Staying sober

Cyrus has always been open about her weed usage, but it no longer served her and she decided to cut all vices out of her life.

“This is crazy,” she explained to Billboard in a May 2017 interview. “I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open. And I was noticing, it’s not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp because I know exactly where I want to be.”

Powerful performances

We all remember the days of Cyrus grinding up against Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Music Awards. Well, that girl is long gone. Instead, she’s gifted us with powerful performances with Ariana Grande at the One Love Manchester concert and at the 2017 Billboard Awards.

Cyrus has proven that she’s matured as a songwriter and as a performer. Even those tears at the Billboard Awards had us going too.

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Embracing authenticity

When Cyrus goes on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you just have to embrace every minute of being Miley Cyrus. She sang a moving tribute to Tom Petty with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, had a lip-sync battle with Fallon and wrote an emotional thank-you letter to Hillary Clinton. She showed every color and side to the new, more mature Cyrus and we like it.

Happy Hippie

Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at encouraging young people to take action with charitable causes. She’s ramped up her efforts this year, from participating in the One Love Manchester concert to donating money to the American Red Cross, Best Friends Animal Society and the Greater Houston Community Fund for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Her manifesto on her charity’s website is simple, “It is essential to our lives to do good for others! The only way we can truly be happy is if we are making others happy! That is, this Hippie’s goal! #HAPPYHIPPIE.”


While you might not agree with all of her political stances, Cyrus has done a great job of voicing her opinion and not backing down to any of the haters online. While Happy Hippie is a part of her political wokeness, she is also willing to take on challenges with a positive spin.

While posting about her brother Braison Cyrus’ runway debut with Dolce & Gabbana, she slipped in a message that slammed the designers’ beliefs that IVF is unnatural and that gay adoption shouldn’t be allowed. While it’s shocking to hear that from two openly gay men, Cyrus ended on a positive note, praising their efforts in support of young artists.

“D&G, I STRONGLY disagree with your politics,” she wrote, “but I do support your company’s effort to celebrate young artists & give them the platform to shine their light for all to see!”

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Supportive family member

Whether it is cheering on younger sister, Noah Cyrus, in her music career or hitting the red carpet with fiancé Liam Hemsworth to support his brother, Chris Hemsworth, at the Thor: Ragnarok premiere, she loves to support her loved ones.

In fact, she’s downright protective when it comes to Noah. She wants her little sister to have a good experience in the music industry.

“I always tell Noah, ‘Keep your Instagram comments turned off,’” she told iHeartRadio’s Label Defiers podcast. “’Never read anything that anyone says about you. Don’t Google yourself.’”

Loves her animals

It’s no secret that Cyrus loves her menagerie of animals, with dogs, fish, cats and even pigs. In fact, the pigs are keeping her from touring with her new album, Younger Now.

“Literally the only reason I’m not touring is because of those fucking pigs,” Cyrus told Howard Stern via E! News. “That’s how much I love those pigs.”

A girl who has her priorities straight — she knows her furry kids are more important than her album.


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