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Kelly Ripa’s Getting Body-Shamed, & It’s Really Ridiculous

Fans of Live with Kelly and Ryan should have been delighted when they got a little peep behind the scenes on the show’s Instagram yesterday. In a video posted before Wednesday’s show, Ryan Seacrest knocked on co-host Kelly Ripa’s dressing room door before the show because she was running late. He then led her to the stage, where they emerged to cheers from their studio audience.

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Cute, right?

It should be. Except people in the comments cannot stop dragging Ripa for the dress she was wearing.

For the record, the dress looked great. It’s a super-form-fitting, long-sleeved gray dress made of some kind of pretty thin material, so it hugs Ripa’s bangin’ body like a glove. But seriously, that woman would look great in a potato sack. If only the internet could stop ripping her apart for long enough to see that.

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“The dress is horrible,” one commenter wrote.

“Kelly is one super fit lady but please stop wearing outfits like this, they are not flattering on you!!” commented another.

“Sorry, no to the dress, pretty hair..” wrote yet another.

But the winning comment of the day was from one particularly helpful “fan,” who wrote, “Kelly you are amazing and beautiful but just you need a push-up bra.”

No, sir or madam, you need a hobby that doesn’t include critiquing people’s undergarment choices on the internet.

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At the end of the day, Ripa is going to keep rocking at life regardless of what some haters have to say about her dress. But jeez, people, can we quit with the tearing women down online for their looks/clothes? It’s very 2016 and we need to do better things with our time.

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