Beyoncé’s Girl Power Music Video Is What We Needed This Week

Even though Beyoncé is still keeping it low-key since giving birth to her twins, Rumi and Sir, she’s still finding ways to keep her fan base enthused and intrigued. Her latest endeavor was met with warm excitement: a new music video for her song “Freedom” for International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11. Now, this special day may have been yesterday, but I’m of the opinion that this music video and this message is something women and girls everywhere can take with them for the rest of the week — heck, maybe even the rest of 2017.

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“Freedom” has been making the rounds as one of Beyoncé’s bigger songs off her Grammy-nominated album Lemonade since the album was released in 2016. Now, Beyoncé has apparently seen the golden opportunity to breathe new life into the song for an occasion that is deeply aligned with her own message as an entertainer, wherein she promotes the betterment of women everywhere. As such, the new music video for “Freedom” is the result of this idea.
In the video, we see a group of young girls, each in various locations around the globe, looking as tough and resilient as possible. In the opening moments, these young girls are surrounded by words like “angry,” “small” and “listen” as well as the message “Global girls for global goals.” These young girls then begin to lip-sync along to “Freedom” as they appear to celebrate who they are; it doesn’t hurt that they’re serving absolute ferocity in their respective performances of Beyoncé’s song as well.

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The music video is connected to the group The Global Goals #FreedomForGirls initiative, which seeks to better the lives of girls across the world through a group of charities specifically aimed at areas like education and health. Groups like UNICEF, Freedom United and Save the Children have come together to achieve goals listed on the website like “Smashing Stereotypes,” “Realizing Their True Worth,” “Access to Clean Water” and “Quality Education.”

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Beyoncé has been on a hot streak when it comes to bringing together philanthropic, activism-driven causes and music; just recently, she participated in a remix of J Balvin’s song “Mi Gente.” The proceeds from the sales of that song were announced to be going toward relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


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