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Idris Elba Has a Foot Fetish – This Is a Real Thing

As if we needed yet another reason to be intrigued by Idris Elba, Kate Winslet gave us one during a rather revealing appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote the pair’s new film, The Mountain Between Us. The scoop? Elba has a thing about feet.

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Let’s rewind a bit. During the show, Norton asked Winslet and Elba to expound upon the fact that neither Elba or the movie’s director, Hany Abu-Assad, had filmed many intimate scenes prior to this point.

Since Winslet had, she confessed she had to get “a little bossy.” But while Elba was happy to let his more experienced co-star take the reins for the most part, he did make one request: “Keep your socks on.”

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“I’m like, keep my socks on? Everything else is off. What’s with the socks?” Winslet recalled wondering. However, when Idris told her, “I got a foot thing,” she quickly assumed Elba didn’t like feet. And since she describes her own as particularly large and hobbit-like, Winslet agreed it was probably best to keep her socks on.

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However, Winslet’s feet weren’t a problem for Elba… at least not in the way she had been thinking. Apparently, Elba likes big feet and he cannot lie. “It’s quite the opposite, ladies and gentleman. Idris loves feet,” Winslet divulged before joking to the audience, “Everyone take off your shoes!”

Done and done, Winslet. Just let us know where we should show up to wiggle our toes in Elba’s general direction.

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