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Miley Cyrus Just Made History Herstory With Her Voice Team

It’s proving to be a banner year for Miley Cyrus. The pop princess once again underwent a transformation — this time to a much tamer version of the girl who rode on a wrecking ball and twerked on Robin Thicke. This metamorphosis has included announcing her (re)engagement to Liam Hemsworth, releasing a folksy new album and, most recently, making history on The Voice.

Or, if you will, “her-story.”

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Back again as a coach on the reality singing competition for its 13th season, Cyrus hasn’t shied away from stacking Team Miley with talented female vocalists. In fact, that’s who comprises her entire team.

“So, I have to tell you, like Blake said, I am on the verge of making her-story on The Voice,” Cyrus explained in her pitch to country crooner Megan Rose.

When Adam Levine made a play for Rose, new coach Jennifer Hudson encouraged the collaboration with Cyrus, saying, “I love and respect both of these coaches, but it would be so powerful and moving to see an all-female team.”

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When Rose did in fact choose to round out Cyrus’ team, her new coach told her, “Megan, you are a part of something so much bigger.” And she wasn’t wrong, either — this marks the first time in the show’s tenure that a coach has chosen to move forward with an all-female team.

“I’m really proud to say I’m the first one in Voice history to have an all-female team. I want to celebrate females in this industry, because I think sometimes we can get lost, and people can tell you that you have to change who you are to market yourself,” Cyrus told Yahoo.

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With the blinds now over, Cyrus can focus on shaping her history-making team of female contestants, perhaps poising one to be only the fifth female champion the show has ever had.

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