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How Jennifer Garner Moved On From Ben Affleck in 2017

It’s been six months since Jennifer Garner split from Ben Affleck, and she’s been moving onward like a champ. She and Affleck were going through tough times toward the end, splitting up and considering getting back together before officially and publically calling it quits. That kind of emotional roller coaster cannot be easy at all; even the strongest-willed among us would feel the pain of it.

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That said, Garner has made sure not to let separating from her husband of 12 years reroute her life, her career or her responsibilities as a mom to children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. She’s hanging out with her family and working on new film projects, and she’s very clearly having the time of her life. Check out the small ways Garner is moving on and keeping her chin up.

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She spent the Fourth of July with Affleck

Garner and Affleck were praised in the initial months since officially announcing their split for remaining amicable for family events. Such was the case over the Fourth of July holiday, when she and Affleck were spotted together with their three children.

Joined Instagram

Over the summer, Garner became the newest celebrity addition to Instagram and made an adorable video announcement to accompany it. Since joining, fans have gotten a fun peek into her home life and her professional life, and it’s clear that she’s having the time of her life of late.

Premiered a movie: The Tribes of Palos Verdes

Garner’s begun promoting her latest film, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, which will most certainly keep her busy until its release. Playing a loving wife and mother who finds her world upended when her husband cheats on her and leaves her for another woman, some might be quick to think this role hits a little too close to home. While Garner has acknowledged that she had to deal with the emotions stirred up by the role because it risked bringing up her personal feelings, the film looks like a stunning showcase for Garner — a fact worth celebrating.

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Co-founded an organic baby food company

Garner happily announced in September 2017 that she had co-founded Once Upon a Farm, an organic food company currently specializing in cold-pressed baby food and applesauce. Through People magazine, Garner was quoted in the press release as saying, “As a mom of three and Save the Children artist ambassador, I am passionate about childhood nutrition and making sure we are leaving a healthier and happier planet for the next generation,” going on to say just how excited she was that this company was finally up and running.

She’s into hobbies like beekeeping

Moving on means keeping busy, but Garner’s not staying busy just for the sake of staying busy. In fact, she’s out there cultivating her hobbies and making sure the possible pain that comes with officially separating doesn’t throw her life out of order. As evidence of this, consider Garner’s happy photo all clad in beekeeping gear during a visit to the Once Upon a Farm beehives.

She’s poking fun at herself

Garner is still finding the joy in all the little things in life, including making fun of herself from time to time. Recently, she posted a truly hilarious throwback video of herself leaving the dentist post-operation. In the video, Garner gets a little overwhelmed by her love of the musical Hamilton, and the results are truly delightful.

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