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People Are Blaming Emma Roberts for Rachel Bilson’s Divorce, & We Can’t

We’ve heard this narrative before. A beloved Hollywood couple breaks up, and immediately, rumors start flying that another woman is to blame for their split. When Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake Lee announced their divorce, it was because Williams’ co-star Minka Kelly had come between them. When Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split, Jennifer Lawrence was to blame. It’s never the couple themselves; no, women must be pitted against each other in these scenarios, because women are seemingly always to blame.

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Honestly, we’re tired of hearing this story. And yet it’s in the headlines yet again. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen broke up last summer after nearly 10 years together, and reports are saying Christensen’s Little Italy co-star, Emma Roberts, was at the center of their split.

A source told The Blast that Bilson found text messages between Christensen and Roberts that led her to believe they were having an “inappropriate relationship.” They split, and Christensen went to live in his native Toronto, while Bilson stayed in Los Angeles. A source that confirmed their breakup told Us Weekly, “They’ve been on the outs for a couple of months. They are completely, officially done.”

Here’s the actual truth about Bilson and Christensen’s breakup: We don’t know why they ended things. We don’t have a clue. Neither of them has even publicly confirmed the breakup, let alone told reporters the reason for it.

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What we do know is this narrative that some temptress co-star broke up the it couple is getting really tired. Fam, women aren’t to blame for every damn thing. Sometimes people in relationships break up, and even if there were some infidelity involved, the man is just as much at fault as the woman he cheated with. Let’s put this trope to bed already.

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