Here's a Stranger Things Drinking Game, Because We're All Going to Need It

Oct 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Image: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

The second season of hit Netflix show Stranger Things is almost upon us. It's probably safe to say that many of the drama's biggest fans are planning premiere parties. Viewers are already probably looking forward to certain moments and characters in the sophomore season, like whenever Eleven makes her triumphant return, when Barb gets the justice she deserves or whenever more mysteries are uncovered about the Upside Down.

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So if or when those moments actually do happen, it's best to have a drinking game handy, because if you're going to steady your nerves from all the thrills and chills Season 2 is going to provide, why not at least have little fun doing it? And on that note, make sure you have your wine, cocktail, beer or drink of choice ready to go and be sure to either print out or memorize the following rules to make your binge session of the next season of Stranger Things even more enjoyable when it hits Netflix on Oct. 27.

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Take a sip:

Stranger Things Season 2 drinking game
Image: Giphy

  1. During the very first Season 2 scene, because it's going to be that exciting
  2. When a great '80s song plays
  3. Anytime Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will argue
  4. Whenever Will goes back and forth between our world and the Upside Down
  5. When you see an Eggo waffle

Take a shot:

Stranger Things Season 2 drinking game
Image: Giphy

  1. If or when the Demogorgon shows up, because, hey, it could happen
  2. Whenever the bad men come
  3. If more children are experimented on at the Department of Energy lab
  4. Whenever Barb's name is mentioned

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Chug your drink:

Stranger Things Season 2 drinking game
Image: Giphy

  1. Whenever you're so nervous, you just can't handle your emotions
  2. If Ben Schwartz makes a cameo as either Jean-Ralphio or another character
  3. When a major bombshell is dropped, like about Hopper's daughter
  4. Whenever the Christmas lights kick on, because you know something is just lurking right around the corner

Cheers & sip:

Stranger Things Season 2 drinking game
Image: Giphy

  1. During the opening credits, because how can you not?
  2. When Eleven makes her grand entrance, makes any kind of appearance and when she finally reunites with Mike
  3. If Joyce and Hopper (aka Jopper) share a moment/kiss
  4. Whenever Nancy or Joyce show off their badass side

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Who else is beyond ready for the new season? Stranger Things Season 2 drops Friday, Oct. 27 on Netflix.