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Ready for Friday the 13th? Here’s What You Should Watch on TV

With Friday the 13th falling so deliciously close to Halloween this year, you can expect an added dose of horror coming your way this weekend.

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The last time Friday the 13th fell in October was back in 2006, over a decade ago, and some eery things did occur. New York issued a state of emergency in Buffalo after heavy snowfall caused 400,000 people to lose power and schools to close. Even scarier, the Democratic Republic of Congo had an outbreak of the pneumonic plague, killing over 100 people and infecting hundreds more according to The People History.

Moral of the story? Maybe stay inside. Curl up with a nice glass of wine and watch something terrifying on your TV screen instead of risking the unlucky day.

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Look below to get a sneak peek at all the spooky delights coming to a television and theater near you.

1. Lore (Amazon)

The hit podcast is coming to television.

“From the executive producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of The X-Files, this anthology series brings to life Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast and uncovers the real-life events that spawned our darkest nightmares. Blending dramatic scenes, animation, archive and narration, Lore reveals how our horror legends — such as vampires, werewolves and body snatchers — are rooted in truth.”

2. The Babysitter (Netflix)
Remember the movie Adventures in Babysitting? Well, this is like the opposite of that, but still awesomely weird and creepy.

“Cole (Judah Lewis) is madly in love with his babysitter (Samara Weaving) Bee. She’s hot, funny, and popular. One night, in a moment of defiance, Cole secretly stays up his bedtime to discover she’s actually a cold-blooded killer who’s in league with the Devil. He now must spend his night evading Bee’s band of killers who will stop at nothing to prevent Cole from spilling their dark secret. It’s up to Cole to survive the night (and blow up a few people along the way).”

3. Hannibal (IFC)

Anthony Hopkins as the cannibal killer who haunts our nightmares. Hannibal airs at 8/7c on IFC.

“Part three in the Hannibal Lecter Quadrilogy. Having escaped the asylum in Silence of the Lambs, Dr. Lecter goes into hiding in Florence, Italy. Back in America, Mason Verger, an old victim of the doctor’s, seeks revenge. Disfigured and confined to a life-support system, he plans to draw Lecter out of his hiding place, using the one thing he truly cares for: Clarice Starling.”

4. Hannibal Rising (IFC)

The Hannibal origin story starring Gaspard Ulliel. Airs on IFC following Hannibal.

“After the death of his parents during World War II, young Hannibal Lecter moves in with his beautiful aunt and begins plotting revenge on the barbarians responsible for his sister’s death.”

5. Friday the 13th (Cinemax)

The 2009 remake of the classic starring Jared Padalecki and Danielle Panabaker. Catch it on Cinemax at 6:35/5:35c.

“A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.”

6. SpongeBob SquarePants: The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom (Nickelodeon)
A family-friendly addition for your spooky pleasure. Airing on Nickelodeon at 7/6c.

“SpongeBob and friends don costumes and decorate their neighborhood for some Halloween fun, but the spooky Flying Dutchman has other plans.”

7. Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (Chiller)

So bad it’s good. Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror is a cult classic you can watch on Chiller at 9/8c.

“A hip-hop horror anthology of three tales of terror told by the Hound of Hell that revolve around the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the afterlife.”

8. Mindhunter (Netflix)
Mindhunter is a new thriller television series coming to Netflix starring Jonathan Groff.

“An agent in the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit tracks down serial killers and rapists.”

9. Blade (Syfy)

A vampire flick for the ages with thrills, gore and plenty of action starring Wesley Snipes. Watch it at 6:30c on Syfy.

“In a world where vampires walk the earth, Blade has a goal. His goal is to rid the world of all vampire evil. When Blade witnesses a vampire bite Dr. Karen Jenson, he fights away the beast and takes Jenson back to his hideout. Here, alongside Abraham Whistler, Blade attempts to help heal Jenson. The vampire Quinn who was attacked by Blade, reports back to his master Deacon Frost, who is planning a huge surprise for the human population.”

10. Happy Death Day (Theaters)

So far, the reviews for Happy Death Day have been less than stellar, but some say it’s worth the watch if you’re looking to kill an afternoon. You be the judge.

“A teenage girl, trying to enjoy her birthday, soon realizes that this is her final one. That is, if she can figure out who her killer is. She must relive that day, over and over again, dying in a different way each time. Can she solve her own murder?”

11. American Satan (Theaters)

This movie has Sam from Game of Thrones in it, so naturally, it’s a must see.

“A young rock band, half from England and half from the U.S., drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. Living in a van, their passion and talent exceed their means to survive. An enigmatic stranger sees their true potential and emotionally manipulates them during a time of weakness. Caught in the middle of a Faustian deal, their music and controversial altercations end up influencing society beyond anything this century has seen, but can they take back control of their destiny before it’s too late?”

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