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Another Fifty Shades Book Is on the Way, & It Means More Christian Grey

Haven’t had enough of the Fifty Shades franchise? Well, is this your lucky day or is this your lucky day? Not only is there still another movie coming your way, but there’s at least one (and presumably two) more books in the works as well.

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Piggybacking off the success of her novel Grey, which was a retelling of the first book in the original trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, but from Christian’s point of view instead of Ana’s, author E. L. James just announced she’s doing the same thing with book two. That’s right. Fifty Shades Darker, except as told by Christian rather than Ana, is on the way.

James made the big announcement on Instagram, writing, “Hello all. I’m delighted to let you know that Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as told by Christian will be published in the US and UK on 28th November 2017. Other territories to follow. I do hope you enjoy it. Much love. #FiftyShades #Darker #ChristianGrey.”

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She then followed up with a statement, adding, “The inside of Christian’s head is a pretty daunting place to be. Writing Darker offered me new insights into his character and motivations, and I hope readers find those insights as compelling as I did.”

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Those who have read both Fifty Shades of Grey and Grey will know that if we’re going to retell things from Christian’s point of view once again, then we can expect things to be even sexier and more thrilling than we previously thought. Sure, there’s the risk it will feel familiar because we’re essentially reading the same story again, but isn’t there something even the tiniest bit thrilling about getting back into the mind of Christian Grey once more?

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