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A Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead Crossover Is Happening

After much speculation and plenty of rumors over the years, one thing we’ve all wondered about is finally happening: The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will soon feature a crossover during which a character makes the jump from one series to the other. This is not a drill — we repeat, this is not a drill.

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You probably want to know how such a crossover is possible, considering FTWD serves as a sort of prequel to TWD and neither show can bend the space-time continuum (that we know of). And while we wish we could explain it, the specifics haven’t come into focus that much yet.

Here’s what we can tell you: TWD creator Robert Kirkman announced this character crossover at New York’s Comic-Con, saying, “We want these shows to have their own legs, tell their own stories and be their own thing. I think we’ve finally gotten to a place with Fear the Walking Dead where it has its own identity [and] we can play with some things.”

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TWD‘s Twitter account played up the announcement, posting a teaser image confirming that “the worlds collide.”

Naturally, Kirkman played coy about the crossover, revealing just enough to pique fans’ curiosity. “Now, what does that mean? Because these timelines, like […] how does that work? Are we going to see an interesting backstory of a Walking Dead character in Fear the Walking Dead?” he hinted. “Or are we going to see a Fear the Walking Dead character show up in The Walking Dead and show a future version of the character?”

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Before going silent on the subject, Kirkman promised “more news coming in the following months.” In the meantime, you can tune in to the last few episodes of FTWD Season 3 (the finale is on Oct. 15). And mark your calendar, of course, for the return of TWD on Oct. 22.

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