Witness Harrison Ford & Ryan Gosling’s Bromance in All Its Adorable Glory

Harrison Ford has never been the easiest interview in Hollywood. He is sometimes a reluctant celebrity, but one interviewer hit a sweet spot with the actor and Ryan Gosling while they were promoting Blade Runner 2049 in London, England.

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While the two actors were getting their microphones on for the interview, Alison Hammond of ITV’s This Morning mentioned that her crew brought in the highball glasses from the original Blade Runner film. She thought the attention to detail was a nice touch for the fans.

Gosling then jumped in with a question: “Are you a fan of the original?”

“No, sweetie,” Hammond said, laughing.

“I appreciate your candor,” Gosling replied.

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That set the tone of the interview, and it relaxed both of the actors to the point of bursting into a fit of giggles, which lasted for much of the interview.

Just when they were starting to talk about the movie, Gosling cheekily poured a mini-bottle of alcohol into one of the prop Blade Runner glasses.

“Are you having a drink?” Hammond asked, incredulous.

“I feel like that’s where this is headed,” Gosling responded.

Hammond, trying to keep the interview on track, asked Ford about his reaction when he got the phone call to do the latest Blade Runner film. Ford dryly responded that it was “So what?”

Hammond laughed, then shook her head and poured a mini-bottle of her own into another prop glass.

“Help yourselves,” Ford said. “I notice there’s nothing left for me.”

“Cheers, Ryan,” Hammond said, clinking glasses with Gosling and taking a sip. “Oh, I needed that. I’ve warmed up.”

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Ford and Hammond broke down into a fit of laughter when they agreed that his real question about doing the movie was “How much?” and “Show me the money!”

Hammond and Gosling also discussed his affinity for knitting sweaters on his film sets. “Oh, we are gonna go there? It’s going to be like that?” Gosling asked.

It was really hard for them to keep a straight face during the interview, and that’s what makes the entire video so enjoyable. Anyone who gets the serious, focused Ford to laugh nonstop for a four-minute interview is a winner in our book.

Can Alison Hammond interview every celebrity from here on out? We are so here for that.