Maroon 5 Chooses the Most Awkward Album Title Ever

While fans are excited about the new Maroon 5 album, the reveal of the title on Wednesday didn’t go as well as the band planned. Their new album, Red Pill Blues, will drop on Nov. 4. Maroon 5 last released new music in 2014.

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Once the image and the title were posted on Instagram, the media began picking up on the meaning “red pill” has taken on in 2017. Maroon 5 was referencing a moment from the 1999 film The Matrix in which Neo (Keanu Reeves) has to make a decision: take the red pill — to see the hidden real world — or the blue pill — to stay in the simulation of reality.

Outside of Hollywood, the reference has been adopted by men’s rights activists, who are not down with feminist ideals, to say the least. The red pill references their own “awakening” to modern-day feminism — and how they hate it. In fact, the entire antifeminist ideology is also called the Red Pill Movement.

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The misogynist activists have been cropping up online over the last several years, and one offensive Facebook page is entitled “No Hymen No Diamond.” Their philosophy is summed up in one line on their About page: “Promoting awareness of the importance of female virginity and why men should marry virgins!”

Clearly, Adam Levine and the rest of the Maroon 5 group members were not in support of this movement, right? went straight to the band’s PR representative to get the inside scoop.

“The title references a term popularized in The Matrix,” said Maroon 5’s rep. “It was never the band’s intention to reference anything else. The band is shocked that this has even come up.”

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Now that the band is aware of the reference, will they change the name of the album? With less than 30 days until the album’s release, it seems like such a change would be a monumental task on the business side of things. When it comes to the social side of things, however, aren’t they obligated to change the title? It is offensive to women on so many levels.

Maroon 5 has yet to comment on the accidental faux pas, but whatever action (or inaction) the band takes regarding the title will send a strong message.


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