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Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek Reveals a Cocky New Doc Coming to Grey Sloan

Since Grey’s Anatomy just shot down the possibility of a Cristina Yang cameo, it only seems fair that the show would gift us with a few new faces to make up for the bad news. Well, ask and you shall receive, friends! A new sneak peek ahead of this week’s episode reveals that a cocky new doctor will soon be making the rounds at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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The clip may only be 37 seconds long, but it’s plenty of time to make a snap judgment about the brain surgeon who Amelia Shepherd called in to size up her tumor — and that judgment is that he’s smug.

He’s a brain surgeon who isn’t Derek Shepherd and a visiting doctor who isn’t Cristina Yang so, admittedly, the guy’s already at a disadvantage when it comes to winning over fans. The cockiness may not score him any early points.

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In the sneak peek, Amelia introduces the new doctor to DeLuca, saying, “DeLuca, this is Tom Koracick, head of Neuro at Hopkins.” Koracick cuts in and says, “Oh, he’s heard of me. See Shepherd’s hands, DeLuca? All me. I should charge every time she uses them.”

Oy! This one’s full of… something.

Still, he isn’t the first cocky doctor to appear on the flagship ABC drama. Remember how obnoxious Sloan seemed when he first came onto the scene? He grew on fans, which means there might just be hope for this new guy.

Whether he becomes a beloved regular down the road or simply alienates everyone in a recurring role, what we can essentially count on is that the acting will be excellent. That’s because Koracick will be played by Greg Germann, who you’ll likely recognize from popular shows like Ally McBeal, House of Lies, NCIS, Once Upon a Time, Law & Order: SVU and Friends From College.

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Besides, if Koracick ends up being as grating as this first look would suggest, at least we have another, far more pleasant newcomer to fall back on: the lovely Dr. Carina DeLuca, played by Stefania Spampinato.

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