Jake Gyllenhaal Plays a Hot Dad in Calvin Klein Ad

It’s been mere weeks since Jake Gyllenhaal told People he wants a family of his own, and the Oscar-nominated actor has already gotten his wish. Well, sort of — a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein features Gyllenhaal as a father.

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According to W, the campaign was shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, a longtime collaborator of CK’s chief creative officer Raf Simons.

The photo of Gyllenhaal, which is sure to set ovaries aflutter, shows the actor sharing a loving embrace with a woman and little girl… presumably the partner and child, respectively, of his character. The trio makes quite the beautiful family, even if it is merely a figment of Simons’ imagination.

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If you’re wondering who the other members of Gyllenhaal’s fictional family are, you’re looking at Liya Kebede — an Ethiopian-born model, designer, actor and maternal health advocate — and a 4-year-old actor by the name of Leila.

Little else is known about Leila at this time other than the fact that she is clearly supremely cute.

It’s no surprise the ad campaign for Eternity Calvin Klein would include Gyllenhaal, as he is the star of the brand’s fragrances division. The scent is described as “distinctive, romantic, and timeless” to embody the “sensitive yet masculine, refined yet strong” spirit of the modern man.

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We’d say Gyllenhaal captures that essence pretty well. And, hey, fatherhood looks good on him, don’t you think? Judging by Gyllenhaal’s recent comments on becoming a parent (and his constant gushing over his nieces), this sweet ad campaign probably didn’t cure his case of baby fever.


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