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Hillary Clinton Gets the Inspiring Thanks She Deserves on The Tonight Show

When Hillary Clinton sat down on Wednesday night to chat with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, she probably wasn’t expecting to be thanked by the female writing staff of the show. Moreover, she probably wasn’t expecting to be thanked by the show’s other guest for the evening, Miley Cyrus. But that’s exactly what happened when Fallon revealed Clinton would be getting personal thank-yous from this group of young women following her interview with him. Get your tissues ready because it’s about to get beautifully emotional up in here.

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Fallon’s regular segment wherein he writes thank you notes to various institutions, people or objects has become a segment filled with quirky comic relief. However, for Clinton’s special appearance, the segment was reworked so the women who write for The Tonight Show could take some time to give their heartfelt thanks to Clinton. Of course, there were some chuckleworthy lines, including one writer’s note that “[Y]ou taught me that when dealing with a difficult defeat, it’s OK to take time to reflect, set your focus on a new path forward and maybe find a cave in the woods to scream into,” but there were also plenty of touching observations.

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But maybe the most touching of these thank-yous came courtesy of Cyrus, who was visibly overcome when she began to say her thank you to Clinton. “Thank you, Hillary, for being a constant beacon of strength, hope and determination for me and millions of other young women,” she said, her voice cracking a little with emotion at the very beginning. “You’ve been a role model and an inspiration and a voice of reason in uncertain times. I could go on and on, but I’d like to get right to the point.”

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Then, Cyrus asked Clinton for one thing many American women might want to ask her if they met her in person too: “Can I give you a hug?” Be still, my beating heart; this tribute is too perfect not to watch on repeat for the rest of the day.

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