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Sharon Osbourne’s Realest Quotes About Love & Marriage

Sharon Osbourne has been married to rocker Ozzy since 1982, and the two have faced a lot together: alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, cancer, the continuous pressure of the public eye… and, on one horrible occasion, attempted murder. We wouldn’t say their relationship is one to aspire to, by any stretch, but Sharon’s honesty about her marriage is pretty incredible. She’s always been candid about her opinions, and her marriage is a topic of conversation she doesn’t generally avoid.

From allowing cameras into the family home for the MTV reality show The Osbournes to openly discussing Ozzy’s recent sex addiction scandal and the preceding infidelity on The Talk, Sharon certainly isn’t shy about the difficulties she and her husband have faced. The press was all over their recent separation, and the two have apparently seen a marriage counselor since the split. They renewed their vows last spring.

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Sharon has also talked about some of the downright awful things she’s done to “prove” her love, as well as other times the couple have nearly ended their relationship. We respect her for her honesty… and her willingness to tell others not to follow in her footsteps.

In honor of Sharon’s upcoming birthday on Monday, we’ve rounded up some of her realest sound bites and quotes about love, marriage and all the associated baggage of being with someone for over 30 years.

“There is a hideous epidemic of it [marriage] being bound up with people’s careers. Everybody needs to stop looking for perfect, cardboard cut-out partners because that won’t work and it won’t last. If you have children and there is still love there, then you have to keep trying and absolutely exhaust that love before you opt out. But if you don’t have children, then just head for the hills.”

In 2010, Osbourne did an interview with The Telegraph about her marriage, her family, her book, her tenure as a reality talent show judge and that comment about Susan Boyle… and she had a lot to say about celebrity marriage ideation.

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“Do you know, he says we’re like bread and butter. And that’s what we are. We fit together so perfectly, we’re as one. We’re a team. Forty years, it’s like — the hardest thing I ever had to do was to walk away, but I knew if I stayed, it would have carried on.”

After the release of her autobiography Unbreakable in 2013, Sharon made an appearance on the Graham Norton Show where she expounded on the separation detailed in the book. When Ozzy relapsed around their 30th anniversary, she moved out in order to force him into getting and staying clean. She also told Norton (and her fellow guests) that after she found out Ozzy had been driving drunk, she sold all of his cars to prevent him from doing it again.

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“We will deal with it and this, too, shall pass. Otherwise, my husband will be taken to hospital to get my foot removed from his ass.”

Spoken like a true matriarch. Sharon has put up with a lot from her husband over the years, including last year’s infidelity scandal, which nearly ended their marriage for good.

“I forgive. It’s going take a long time to trust, but we’ve been together 36 years, 34 of marriage… I just can’t think of my life without him.”

Yeah, we get that. Sharon has talked about her marriage and its scandals quite a bit on The Talk, and in July 2016, she said she forgave Ozzy for his infidelity… but she also called him a “dirty dog.”

“I’m not going to cry about anything because there’s nothing to cry about.”

Last year, when Sharon returned to The Talk after Ozzy’s infidelity was discovered, she said she had “nothing to cry about” and admitted to her co-hosts that whatever happened, she would do what was right for her. The couple have since reconciled and Ozzy has sought treatment for sex addiction, but Sharon’s unapologetic response to everything and her desire to move forward in her own way, in her own time, was and is super inspiring.

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“These scars are a big embarrassment. The scars don’t go away. They stay with you… It’s a reminder to us all.”

In 2014 on The Talk, Sharon revealed that she once slit her wrists to “prove” to Ozzy how much she loved him. After a night of drinking in her late 20s, when the two were just dating, Sharon said, “I’d do anything for you,” and Ozzy’s response was, “Prove it.” Sharon said she took a steak knife and slashed her wrists — then showed off the scars on camera.

“I kind of went too deep and it wouldn’t stop bleeding,” she said, “so I’m saying, ‘Dear, I think we’d better call an ambulance.'” According to Billboard, Sharon was admitted to a psych ward after the incident. The Osbournes have always been known for their shock value (anyone remember Ozzy and the bat?), but self-harm certainly isn’t something to play around with.

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Now, Sharon is embarrassed by the incident. “I permanently scarred my wrists, and I was on lockdown for being overly dramatic and drunk,” she said. “Now, I tell everyone I was attacked by a dog.”

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