ABC Reveals Whether Sandra Oh Is Returning for Grey’s Anatomy‘s 300th Episode

Everyone knows that as great as Grey’s Anatomy is, it will never be as great as it was when Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang were together. You know you wish you had a person like those two had in each other. Sandra Oh absolutely broke our hearts when she departed from the show, leaving poor Meredith to navigate life on her own.

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But could Oh make a return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

The short answer is that it’s kind of possible. But viewers shouldn’t get their hopes up for it to happen anytime soon.

In an interview with TVLine, executive producer Krista Vernoff dropped the bad news.

“I would give anything for a visit from Sandra Oh. [The 300th episode] would be a fine occasion for a visit, but it’s not happening,” she said. “So I don’t want people imagining or hoping it will and then being disappointed.”

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Still, Vernoff isn’t ruling out the possibility forever, even though we do get the impression this might just be wishful thinking on her part.

“Sandra may one day come back for the end [of the series] or something, but she’s not coming back this season,” she explained.

Ugh. Sorry, OG Grey’s fans. We all wish it could happen, but it’s just not in the cards. As for other beloved characters who have made their exits over the years? Yeah, don’t get your hopes up for those, either. Vernoff also confirmed we won’t be seeing Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres this season, either.

“She has moved on from the show,” Vernoff said. “If she would come back, I would be thrilled to have her. But she’s got a very busy life in New York.”

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Well, at least longtime Grey’s watchers are well accustomed to bad news, right?


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