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American Idol Officially Started Filming, & Ryan Seacrest Documented Its First Day

Ready or not, American Idol is back. The first day of auditions for the rebooted singing competition already happened, and for those who can’t wait to get a glimpse of what the new Idol will look like, bless Ryan Seacrest, because he was on social media from behind the scenes all day.

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In one video, he stood outside the audition room with a stack of “golden tickets” — what singers get if they make it to the Hollywood rounds — and helped build some hype for the new season.

“Everyone is so excited to be back for American Idol with Lionel, Katy and Luke Bryan having a good time,” he said in a video posted to his Instagram. “A few nerves outside the room, a few nervous parents outside the room, crew members because everyone wants this: the golden ticket.”

“Isn’t that right?” he added, to cheers from those waiting outside the audition room. “This is American Idol.”

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Boy, if hearing that line doesn’t bring back memories, we’re not sure what will. Seacrest has slipped effortlessly back into the hosting persona he rocked on the show for over a decade on Fox. Even though it’s hardly been a year since American Idol was canceled, Seacrest has clearly missed it. He captioned the video, “Feels good to be home.”

Throughout the day, Seacrest also shared photos from behind the scenes of the first round of auditions for the reboot, including posing with new judge Lionel Richie, who was clearly just trying to enjoy his dinner, but took a break to shoot the snap with Seacrest. Clearly, he’s going to be the nice judge.

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The judges panel is rounded out by Luke Bryan and Katy Perry, and Bryan seems like a sweetheart, so does that mean Perry is the new Simon Cowell? Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

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