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John Stamos Ran Into Ashton Kutcher at the Grocery Store, Because Hollywood

Since Hollywood is a place where magical things happen, John Stamos and Ashton Kutcher accidentally ended up on the same pasta aisle at the same time with the pic to prove it. Forget Disney World — that grocery store sounds like the happiest place on Earth.

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The moment of grocery aisle kismet occurred on Sunday, when the actors just so happened to be shopping for the same core component of a meal: carbs. Or to be more specific, pasta. “You never know who you’ll run into at the grocery store when grabbing ingredients to make a gourmet meal for your gal @aplusk #whipped,” Stamos captioned a photo he posted of the pair on Instagram.

And let it be said, boxed pasta has never looked so good.

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The photographic proof of this chance encounter may never have occurred had it not been for the fact Stamos and Kutcher aren’t exactly strangers. Stamos appeared alongside Kutcher on his very first episode of Two and a Half Men in 2011.

Of course, the Fuller House star was making a lighthearted joke about his purchase being gourmet… unless you consider organic, gluten-free white cheddar mac and cheese gourmet (*raises hand*). Kutcher’s pasta purchase of lasagna certainly had the gourmet edge over Stamos’ pick.

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Still, who’s going to turn down a plate of pasta from either of these guys? Not us, and not just because carbs are life either.

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