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Kate Winslet Plays Coy About Whether She Had a Crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s not often the great Kate Winslet says something that makes us roll our eyes and say, “Puh-lease.” She is, after all, one of the great actors of our lifetime, and generally we treat her words with the reverence that they deserve. Today, however, we learned that Winslet is actually a professional fibber, because today, she claimed that she has never had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. That’s right — not even when they filmed Titanic together.

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“It was seven months of very intense work, we were both really very young. And luckily, and this was the fortunate thing, we never fancied each other!” she claimed in a new interview with Lorraine Kelly on a U.K. TV program. “I know that’s really annoying to hear, sorry. We really never did. So it did mean that we were able to have this… be able to tease each other, which we still do, which is really amazing.”

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How do we know Winslet is fibbing? Because every woman who possessed a pulse at the time Titanic frenzy was happening had a crush on DiCaprio. And every generation of women that has watched the movie since then because the poor things weren’t lucky to be alive at the height of Titanic fever has also had a crush on DiCaprio. It is a shared human experience to have a crush on DiCaprio. No one gets to just pretend it didn’t happen to them (not even Winslet!) because it literally happened to everyone.

We’ll give you a moment to process the fact that Queen Kate Winslet just lied straight to all of our faces and share this nugget to help you forgive her: She thinks Titanic is basically like Mary Poppins.

“There’s another generation of children who are enjoying it and loving it for the first time. It’s like Mary Poppins, I like to think,” she said.

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LOL, Kate. LOL.

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