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Blake Lively Reveals the Powerful Reason She Agreed to Her First Nude Scene

When Blake Lively’s new film, All I See Is You, hits theaters on Oct. 27, audiences will see the actor in a new light. The movie marks the first time in Lively’s career that she has agreed to any nudity, and the reason she broke her own no-nudity rule is stirring.

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Lively opened up about the Marc Forster-directed role in an interview with Vanity Fair, explaining that she almost didn’t see the script at all. Her stance on nudity is so firm that her team assumed she wouldn’t even consider a role that required a partially nude scene.

“I thought, well, he’s not unmoving. Let me read it and if it’s great, then I’ll [talk] him out of it,” Lively said of Forster. However, it was Lively, not Forster, whose perception shifted.

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In the drama, Lively plays a woman who is basically blind but has her vision restored in a life-changing surgery. Her character, Gina, must then rediscover her own world and all the things in it: herself, her marriage, her sexuality.

It was seeing nudity through this lens that changed Lively’s mind.

“I always find nudity distracting,” she told Vanity Fair of her previous point of view. “I’m very in love with my husband, but if there’s a pair of boobs out, I’m a human being! You’re like ‘boobs!’ It doesn’t mean I’m lusting for them, [but] when there’s naked boobies, you look at them.”

In doing research for the role, Lively consulted with blind friends and even used blackout glasses. She also relied heavily on the input of an on-set lens technician whose life closely paralleled Lively’s character. “I was really acting for her. [I would ask] is this the accurate reaction? How do you feel? If I would make her laugh, or if I would make her cry… then I knew I was doing my job,” Lively said.

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The highly immersive film required 19-hour workdays and, yes, partial nudity. But for Lively, “It’s the performance I’m most proud of.”

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