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Stephen Colbert’s Puerto Rico Fundraiser Is So Much Fun for Everyone Else

Puerto Rico is in the midst of a devastating crisis after Hurricane Maria wiped out power as well as transportation and food and water supplies to just about the entire country. Bless Stephen Colbert for coming up with a way to help, but also make us smile during these seriously difficult times.

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Colbert partnered with Nick Kroll to start the #PuberMe challenge on Twitter. For every celebrity that tweets an awkward adolescent photo of themselves with the #PuberMe hashtag, Colbert will donate $1,000 to hurricane relief efforts and Kroll will match it. Not only do we get to see some ridiculously hilarious photos, but that kind of money is going to add up to a lot of help for Puerto Rico.

Of course, Colbert and Kroll kicked it off themselves.

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Others were quick to join in.

Really, though, the best one just came in. Reese Witherspoon, who we’re a little bit obsessed with right now in our post-Big Little Lies binge-watching phase, shared hers, and dang was she a cute teenager.

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Raising money for people in desperate need and giving us a much-needed comedic break. This is the kind of activism we want to see.

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