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Hey Girl, Here’s the First Look at Ryan Gosling Hosting SNL

Ryan Gosling is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight for the show’s Season 43 premiere episode, and the promo for the episode promises more hilarity than ever from the actor, who first hosted the show back in December 2015.

In the promo, Gosling promises to give us all his soul, which is quite the promise considering he can’t even get in the building.

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“OK, but you’re still going to need a visitor’s pass to get upstairs,” a security officer tells Gosling, who then tries to outsmart the guy by pretending to leave and then running to the elevators… only to be stopped by another two security guards before he can even make it to the up button.

“Everyone’s doing a crackerjack job, honestly,” Gosling says as he tries to save face and exit.
Not only will the Season 43 premiere be epic because it means we will get a piece of Gosling’s soul, but Jay-Z will also be performing. With Jay-Z and Gosling sharing the same stage, the star-powered hotness will be almost too much to handle.

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Gosling won’t just be taking the stage to provide us with some much-needed laughs. He will also, no doubt, be promoting his new film Blade Runner 2049 during the show. Wait, maybe Harrison Ford will make a surprise appearance? Can that please happen? Please.

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I know, I know. As if Gosling and Jay-Z weren’t already enough.

Will you be tuning in to see Ryan Gosling host the season premiere of SNL?

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