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A Movie About SoulCycle Is Coming & These Celebs Are Starring in It

A parody movie about SoulCycle? Now that is something the world needs.

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Thankfully, we’re about to get it thanks to Busy Philipps and Amy Schumer, who will star in a flick called I Feel Pretty about a delusional woman (Schumer) who is convinced the cycling classes are actual magic for her body. Michelle Williams and Emily Ratajkowski will round out the cast.

The official synopsis from IMDb reads, “Renee Bennett (Schumer) knows what it’s like to be average in a world of the genetically blessed. After falling off an exercise bike and banging her head, she believes a spell has suddenly made her gorgeous. Except to everyone else, she looks exactly the same. Renee’s new confidence suddenly sees her climbing the ranks at the cosmetics company she works for, getting the respect of her idol and boss, Avery LeClaire (Williams). Ultimately Renee realizes ‘the spell’ has lifted, but through the process learns true beauty is not skin deep.”

Philipps’ husband, Mark Silverstein, is directing the flick, which is reportedly still filming.

SoulCycle is ripe for a good laugh. It’s right up there with juice cleanses and waist trainers. Pair that with a host of awesome girl power, and this movie has the potential to be the next Bridesmaids.

And don’t worry about some sweaty, spandex-wearing ladies seeking vengeance against the film. SoulCycle doesn’t mind the constant laughs at its expense.

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In 2015, SoulCycle’s VP of Public Relations and Brand Strategy, Gabby Etrog Cohen, told Adweek, “Parodies help to elevate brand awareness and simply make us laugh.”

Plus, Philipps is a legit SoulCycle junkie. She constantly posts sweaty selfies on her Instagram.

So, it’s all love for the sweaty spin.

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Will you go see I Feel Pretty when it hits theaters?

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