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Amber Heard Has a New Make-Out Buddy

Amber Heard has hardly been single for a month, but she’s clearly over her ex, Elon Musk. How over him, you ask? Enough to engage in one heck of a public make-out sesh with a mystery Australian dude.

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Page Six got the video that shows Heard and her new man friend getting really hot and heavy in the backyard of the house she’s living in while she films Aquaman in Queensland. The guy hasn’t been identified, but he’s really tan and really buff, and considering their location, we imagine he might just have an Australian accent.

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The two lovebirds were spotted when there was an open house at the home next door to Heard’s. One onlooker recorded the proceedings, and wrote to Page Six, “Amber Heard was snogging her bf in broad daylight, they were really going at it.”

While it’s a little creepy that this stranger decided to take video of Heard in her own backyard (not to mention a pretty clear invasion of privacy), we are happy to see that Heard is making the most of her single life. After a messy, public divorce from Johnny Depp and the end of her relationship with Musk due to their busy schedules, Heard deserves to have some fun. And if making out with a hunky Australian isn’t fun, we don’t know what is.

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Heard confirmed her breakup with Musk last month, with sources saying their busy schedules had made their relationship too difficult for the time. She seemed hopeful then, though, and she’s clearly making the best of things now.

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