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Eric Stonestreet Is Adorably Hyped About His New Girlfriend

It’s always heartwarming when someone finds love, especially when that someone is beloved Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet. And, judging by his recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Stonestreet is seriously stoked about his new relationship.

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During Stonestreet’s visit, DeGeneres mentioned Stonestreet’s love interest, saying, “So, your girlfriend is lovely. I met her backstage.”

Stonestreet didn’t shy away from the chance to talk about his new girlfriend, either. He confirmed that she was a nurse, to which DeGeneres quipped, “She’s a nurse. That’s a good thing for you, because you’re a hypochondriac.”

Stonestreet didn’t argue the point. Rather, he agreed that his unnamed girlfriend was a perfect counterpoint to his personality.

“Yeah, well she calms me. She calms me,” he said, much in the fashion of his dramatic Modern Family character, Cam. “She calms my nerves. I’m a very high-strung person. You can tell, right?”

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Staring into the audience, Stonestreet then hilariously screamed, “What are you looking at, ma’am?!” DeGeneres, visibly trying to stifle her laughter, joked, “You just scared the hell out of that poor woman.” Not skipping a beat, Stonestreet looked back toward the audience and responded, “My nurse girlfriend will take care of you.”

So, who is this lucky nurse? According to People, her name is Lindsay Schweitzer. The couple reportedly met in June at the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend, a charity event benefiting the Cancer Center at Children’s Mercy, a hospital in Kansas City.

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While little else is known about the relationship so far, this much seems certain: Stonestreet and Schweitzer probably spend a lot of time laughing.

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