Lucy Hale Had a Real-Life Crush on Her Pretty Little Liars Co-Star

Sep 28, 2017 at 10:12 p.m. ET
Image: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Ah, fall — such a bittersweet time of year for Pretty Little Liars fans. The temps are finally cooling down enough not to melt our faces off, but we don't have a brand new season of PLL waiting in the fall TV line-up to cozy up on the couch and tune into. Lucy Hale must have sensed fans' despair, though, because she just revealed a juicy snippet about her feelings for co-star Ian Harding.

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We have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for the revelation, as she released a video of Hale (Aria) — along with co-stars Sasha Pieterse (Ali), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Shay Mitchell (Emily) and Troian Bellisario (Spencer) — participating in a round of Never Have I Ever.

It was all part of DeGeneres' new YouTube series, Ellen's Show Me More Show, for which she unveiled the plans back in May.


One of the questions during the interview was "Never have I ever had a crush on a co-star," to which Hale, Benson and Mitchell all pleaded guilty. But while the latter two ladies shared a crush on Nolan North, aka Mr. Hastings, Hale hesitated to reveal her secret crush.

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"I'm not going to say mine," she said sheepishly before reluctantly blurting out, "Oh whatever, it was Ian! Ian Harding, Season 1. Well, whatever, I was 20."

Wait, what? Are you telling us Ezria could have been a thing in real life? And is it wrong for us to kinda-sorta hope this could still be a thing?!

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Presently, Hale is reportedly single and Harding's relationship status is unconfirmed, although he is rumored to be dating Candy Crowns. We're just sayin'... there's still a chance, right?