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Prince Harry Had a Run-in With a Tiny Thief at the Invictus Games

You might know that Prince Harry is often very busy with this thing called the Invictus Games. It’s an Olympics-style competition for wounded veterans, and Harry founded the entire organization. He serves as the British royal patron for the games, which means he travels all over the world to attend them, as well as events related to them.

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Obviously, he takes this role very seriously — so seriously that while watching the Invictus Games, which are currently taking place in Toronto, Canada, he hardly took his eyes off the athletes on the field. That’s where one opportunistic toddler saw an opening to get her hands on some of Harry’s popcorn.

A hilariously adorable video is now making the rounds online, showing 2-year-old Emily, the daughter of a Canadian Invictus Games athlete, sitting on her mom’s lap next to Harry in the stands. As his eyes stay glued to the proceedings, Emily steals handful after handful of popcorn from the box on Harry’s lap.

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Harry continues to eat popcorn as it’s happening, so we know little Emily is extra sneaky. She manages to nab all those handfuls without their hands ever touching inside the popcorn box, which would have alerted Harry to the fact that there was a popcorn bandit afoot.

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What makes this truly hilarious is how long it takes Harry to catch on that Emily has been helping herself to his snack. When he finally does notice, though, he just makes some funny faces at her and offers her more, because, as we already know, he’s absolutely the best with kids.

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