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The Internet Is Officially Shook Over This Is Us‘ Season 2 Premiere

If you thought you were ready for the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us, well, you were wrong. We were all so, so wrong, because nothing could have prepared us for the avalanche of emotion awaiting. Per showrunner Dan Fogelman’s previous promise, fans were given a crucial piece of the puzzle about Jack’s fate.

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Suffice it to say, this article contains serious spoilers about the Season 2 premiere of This Is Us. If you haven’t yet tuned in, bookmark this and circle back around when you’re finished watching. We’ll be here waiting and sobbing into our giant bowl of ice cream, which now tastes like sorrow.

For those of you who did tune into the premiere, *hugs*.

As you know well know, it would appear that Jack died in a fire that laid claim to the whole Pearson family home. The shocking twist came in the last few moments of the premiere shortly after Jack admitted to Rebecca that he had been hiding his alcoholism from her.

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When he says he can’t come home until he has dealt with it, Rebecca insists they work through it together. “A few months from now, everything will be back to normal,” she tells him as they get in the car.

But U2’s “One” is hauntingly playing in the background, and you just know things are going to get worse before they get better. And, oh, do they.

Time hops forward to show Rebecca driving home. In Jack’s seat is a sad plastic bag filled with his personal belongings. The scene dissolves into Kate and Randall at Miguel’s, sobbing while Kevin makes out with Sophie somewhere else, oblivious to whatever has happened — which, apparently, is a fire. As Rebecca pulls up to their charred shell of a home, she collapses into tears.

So this is how Jack died? So. Many. Feels. The gravity of this loss is far too great, and the internet just cannot deal.

Same, internet. Same.

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