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The Newest Trailer For the Last Pitch Perfect Movie Is Here

The final installment of Pitch Perfect is coming, and sing if you agree that you’re not ready to see the end of the Barden Bellas on the big screen. Still, even though it’s bittersweet that this will be the last movie in the franchise, it looks aca-mazing, so there’s that.

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The newest trailer just dropped, and we see that this time, the Bellas are going international. Just after getting a little bit called out by the present Bellas for being stuck in their pasts as college a capella singers, the Bella alumni jet off to Spain to compete for a spot in a concert for American troops overseas. Obviously, because nothing is that easy for the Bellas, they’re met with other groups who are, to paraphrase Beca, better at the one thing they do than they are at that thing.

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While that’s all going down, there’s also a record label that says it’s interested in signing one of the groups, but from the look of things in the trailer, it’s actually just sneakily trying to sign Beca out from under the Bellas. That’s bound to cause some drama.

Also, there’s a scene where several of the Bellas are running from an exploding building, so what is up with that?

One thing we don’t see in this trailer (thank goodness) is more of the body-shaming jokes centered around Rebel Wilson’s character that have been heavily criticized in the other two films. Honestly, with a cast as talented as this one, there’s just no need to resort to body-shaming for laughs. We hope that message has finally sunk in this time around.

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Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on Christmas Day. Are you going?

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